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The greatest singing show was one of my first big challenges. We designed highly user focused interface. All activities on website are supported with loyalty program and integrated social system. We use gamification model which offers interesting rewards for the most active users.

My role as digital designer was creation of eye pleasing, clean and usable design that will serve daily traffic of 10k+ users. The final product is result of collaboration of great digital braniacs from eFabrica.

xfactor wireframing
xfactor wireframing

UI Structure

User interface is simple and clear. The most dominant element, Navigation, is constructed in a way which help users to get right to the point with minimum clicks. Promo section right under navigation bar helps to advertise competitions and encourage users to support singers by SMS votes.

xfactor ui elements
xfactor ui elements


Is one of the most powerful elements used on website. XFactor Slovakia uses social aggregator system which helps to viralize whole show in very natural way.

xfactor social integration

Launching Loyalty Program

Next new feature (wasn't present in previous shows) implemented in website is loyalty program. Website utilizes gamification model that leads users to do certain activities and offers great prizes for the most active ones by collecting points.

xfactor social integration

Mobile friendly

One of high priorities was adaptation to all platforms. We focused on desktops, tablets and mobiles. We designed different layouts according to different platforms and our coders minified response times on mobiles and tablets to avoid usability issues.

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