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tripBuddy ridesharing application


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Very complex ridesharing application developed for students on campuses. You can search or create rides through application and enjoy sports, eating, shopping, nature and lot more with your new friends.

After hours and hours of sketching and prototyping, we finally create clean logic of whole application. Then I covered it in a clean, fresh, modern design to improve the experience of the app. First feedbacks were very impressive and it showed that the app is very easy to use and the overall idea was welcomed.

tripBuddy real preview
tripBuddy real preview

Find or create ride

As passenger you can browse rides from the find ride screen. There are few major groups showing the amount of upcoming rides. You can also find rides through activity feed screen. As driver, you can easily create a ride with specific parameters, and wait for the responses.

As driver
tripbuddy create ride
As passenger
tripbuddy find ride

Tag along or pick up passengers

Passengers can check details of specific rides and if they find what they need, they just tag along with the driver. The driver then have the option of filtering the passengers by accepting or declining their company.

As Passenger
tripbuddy tag along
As driver
tripbuddy filter passengers


Enjoy company, rate & pay

After the ride have been approved, you can enjoy your time with new friends. Then all passengers have the option to rate and pay the driver. The driver can also rate the company in his car. In this way both sides can thanks each other and improve their ratings and credibility.

As Passenger
tripbuddy rate driver
As Driver
tripbuddy rate passengers

Powered by google material

Application uses google material guidelines and principles. We can see repeating spacings, consistent typography and high quality images. Google material design showed us a great option how to please users eyes and keep entire design unite, modern and functional.

Activity Feed
tripBuddy activity feed
Ride Detail
tripBuddy guidelines
tripBuddy guidelines

tripBuddy screens preview

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