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Radio Rock Beast


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This unique peace of design was made for radio antena. Unfortunately it wasn't launched due investment issues. But it still finds a place in my featured work collection :).

I spent over 8 hours designing & polishing the main multifunctional button. I played with depth, lights, patterns and gradients till I wasn't fully satisfied with the final result.

Rockbeast real preview A
Rockbeast real preview B

Unique title page

I was trying to define unique visual emotion. Since the title page offers playing live music, I bet on pixel perfect radial button controling this whole process.

Rockbeast title


Custom icons

All thin icons precisely drawn in Illustrator. Every single peace was specially designed for its own purpose.

Rockbeast custom icons

Enjoy daily discussions

Application has its own inbuilt chat plugin so users can communicate and share their opinions in real-time. Plugin also offers an option to promote and share other comments.


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Rockbeast creative process 1
Rockbeast creative process 2

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