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Corporate Identity design made for eFabrica's client Airfoillabs. Team developing own plane simulators and aircraft cockpits is expanding and looking for new investors.

Our goal was to create a appropriate materials suitable for professional communication with investors and start-up agencies. The final design is simple, spacious and remarkable.

Airfoillabs real preview A
Airfoillabs real preview B

Choosing the right type

We needed to find a strong solid font with proportional dimension, that will reflect client's activities. And the result? Welcome, the EXO Black.

Airfoillabs choosing logo type


We took into consideration wind tunnel and the airfoil by itself. So we grabbed both words and joined them into one label.

Airfoillabs defining shape

Defining symbol & pattern

Playing with wing and Fibonnaci's sequence, We've finished with strong representing symbol.

Airfoillabs defining symbol

Combining & Polishing

By joining both elements, we created a final product, that will represent the whole Airfoillabs team.

Airfoillabs combine and polish

Colorizing & Safe zone

We looked for dominant and active colors, and our final choices were red and black tone. The safe zone was calculated from the logo golden grid.

Airfoillabs logo colorizing
Airfoillabs logo safe zone

Airfoillabs final logo preview

Print Materials

After approved logo, we switched our focus on print materials. The main deliverables were letterhead, folder, and business cards. Defined pattern helps us unite the whole concept and create materials that looks uniform and representative.

Business Cards

Business cards was desingned as quick communication channel . The goal was to transmit main contact information among potential clients.

Airfoillabs business cards


Letterhead Design

Letterhead was designed primary for communication with investors. That's why we created a simple readable solution for delivering clean messages.

Airfoillabs letterhead

Folder Design

Folder was inevitable element. All presentation materials, certificates, agreements... They just need to be safe in one place.

Airfoillabs folder

Airfoillabs work process
Airfoillabs work process

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